Terms and conditions of participation in the auction



AVTO-TRADE - online auction. This Agreement refers to the internet online auction provided by website www.avto-trade.com.ua (Avto-Trade).

GOODS (AN AUCTION LOT) - A vehicle that is owned by the seller and is subject to sale at Avto-Trade, in accordance with this Agreement.

USER - The individual or legal entity through the procedure of registration has an access to Avto-Trade and can participate in auction bidding, buying lots at fixed prices, and put lots for sale.

SELLER - A person who sells a product or service by Avto-Trade (owner of the goods).

Buyer - The person who makes a purchase of goods by Avto-Trade.

AUCTION — Procedure of pricing goods offered for sale on Avto-Trade.

REGISTRATION - The procedure for creating an account on Avto-Trade.

AGREEMENT - Agreement, addressed to any person, an official, public offering, has the character of a public contract and in accordance with Art. 633 CC of Ukraine has adequate validity.

According to this Agreement Avto-Trade provides users with using an online auction to place product information for further purchasing or selling goods by other users.


The subject of this Agreement is providing users with access to the Internet, placing the information on www.avto-trade.com.ua about selling or buying goods (vehicle).


2.1. A user can be a natural or legal person who has an email address and has reached adulthood (18 years old).

All vehicles which are offered for the auction will be auctioned. Seller has the right to choose as a minimum (starting price) and the maximum amount for the lot (vehicle), after specifying the minimum price for the step rate.

2.2. A user who is registered, has the ability to:

- Sending messages to users with the option 'Ask the Seller "and" Send e-mail to the user ";

- To make bids on auctions;

- Make purchases at a price "Buy Now!";

- Provide feedbacks;

- Write messages in forum;

2.3. During the auction, participants can share comments about the proposed lots, send their notification to interested people, to subscribe for news of trading on a particular good.

2.4. Trading can be done by a certain time (for a certain time limit prescribed in the rules of the auction after posting goods at auction) or until reaching a set of optimal seller prices.

2.5. The buyer, who is declared as a winner of the auction will be notified via email or by phone. He is also will be informed about the e-mail address and contacts of the seller. The buyer prepares an order by following the link on the product. Administration of this site contacts with the Seller for further agreement on the terms of delivery and payment of goods.

2.6. Before signing a contract administration site contacts with the Seller and the Buyer (via email or by phone) to discuss disputable issues that may arise and discuss payment commission fees for the services rendered in the sale of auto auction Auto-Trade.


Auto-Trade reserves the right to to deny access to users without giving any reasons. Auto-Trade has the right to cancel your account at any time. If the user account is canceled, it will not affect on any contracts of purchasing that were previously created on a certain account on Auto-Trade, the user will still be related with all vehicles that has been already registered which acted from user name.


All users have the name (login) and password. They are strictly confidential and must not be passed on to others. If a user has suspected that someone else has access to his account, he must immediately inform the administration of a website, in order to block further access to the account, to prevent abuse of the system. In such a case user gets a new password. The user is always responsible of his personal information. All rights belong to Auto-Trade system, including all terms and conditions, copyrights, trademarks and other intangible rights related to protected systems. Any form of copying, replication is forbidden.