Our Services

AutoTrade offers a wide range of services and advertisements for car sale. Using our services of selling or buying a car, you can be sure that your ad will be seen by thousands of potential buyers from different cities and regions of the country.

  • We help to sell your car and receive it on a commission

On our site you can find new cars , used cars of leading brands of global manufacturers in excellent condition. Through our services, you get the maximum effectiveness from rather complex operation like buying or selling a car in Ukraine.
If you have a need to sell the car, but have neither the time nor the concept how it would be more profitable to do, leave it to our experts. Competent staff of our website will provide you with best service while selling your vechicle.

  • We search a car according to your order

Our company provides our clients with services for the delivery of new and used cars of all types. If you have already chosen a car - brand, model, body color and many other components that are important for you - but this car is not in stock in Ukraine, we are ready to take your order.

Delivery time and the prepaid balance for your ordered vehicle are specified in each case individually.

  • We help with choosing a car

We will help you to choose and buy a reliable and technically perfect car at a reasonable price and you will not face the deception and fraud. Be sure that our qualified experts will cope with all these problems and difficulties and the results will be forthcoming
Our qualified staff will look throught a great variety of cars that fall under your description. We provide maintenance checks chosen in a special car service station. We pay special attention to all documents needed for the registration of the vehicle.

  • Customs clearance of vehicles

On this website you can get information concerning customs clearance of cars.

We provide the following services:

  • Assistance in customs clearance of cars
  • Consulting on customs clearance of cars
  • Support in buying and making orders
  • Legal support
  • Informational support
  • Isurance support

We provide a serious approach to security, and pay a great attention to a timely and reliable insurance as a guarantee of your safety and peace in the future. Nowadays the question of car insurance is important enough. Therefore, attention is focused on detailed information and answers to the main questions: "How much insurance costs?", "Which company is the most reliable?", "where it is more profitable to buy insurance?" We will provide you with detailed information about all kinds of insurance programs.