How to add an announcement?

You can post announcements on our site.

To create your own announcement for buying or selling a car in the "User menu" select "Add a car".

Then choose what you want to do with the car - to buy or to sell.

Each of these options has a set of fields that are required (some are optional).

  • Enter the name of a car.
  • Add a photo (for sale - not more than 10 photos, for buying - maximum 3), by pressing the "Select Files", select the photos (can be several at once) and click "Open". Then click "Upload". Be patient. You can do your next step when photos are uploaded.
  • You can write a detailed description of the car (it's not necessary).
  • Next you need to fill up the technical specifications of the vehicle and the it's cost.
  • After all you have to leave your contact details. To do this, create a text file (.txt) and write the information. You can write your phone, email, address, ICQ, Skype, etc. Save it. To organize contacts, click "Choose File" and select your new file and click "Save".
  • Press the green button "Save".

Voila! Your announcement is published.

Announcements for selling cars are published in the section "Used cars".

Purchase announcements are published in the section "Buy a car".

WARNING!!! The publication cost is 5 points!
WARNING!!! Viewing contact info costs 1 point!

What is a point, and why they are needed, you can find in the article "Points".